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11:32am 11/01/2006
  mallacoota was pretty fun
got pretty brown
not to that charcoal extent though.. unfortunatley
oh well always next year

not really alot happening
looking after the house

got my driving lessons like next week
should be good
im a little nervous
last time i had a driving lesson (year 10) the instructer (cunt) asked if i had a learning disablity
good times

hopefully ill get someone nice

hope everyones good

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02:17pm 20/12/2005
mood: blank
i miss primary school
and being oblivious to reality

Happy 18th for yesterday you hot bitch

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06:55am 08/12/2005
  you knew i loved you
i always made sure i told you

you were my favourite cunt
cunt being our word

theres not going to be a day were i dont think of you, my xavsta, x-unit xavotta

i know your probably off your nutter right now partying with everyone, looking own and laughing at us for being sad.
but you were one of a kind
i will never find anyone like you,

you had the cutest laugh ever with your hand on your face and your tounge between your teeth. and the swish of your neck to move your hair.
you looked after me
you looked after everyone
because you were a good friend to everyone.
i have never met anyone who cared more about the people he loved.

I was really looking foward to seeing you when I got back, but you knew that. and thank god you did.

you'll never trully be gone.
i love youxxxxxxx

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02:01am 28/11/2005
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03:14pm 27/11/2005
  i have to work tonight and i really cant be bothered. Its been two huge nights!
Graduation was alright! didnt exactly feel real to me, it still doesnt.
it was my birthday yesterday and i made every place i went to ask me for id, and they alllll said happy birthday. bouncers at the waterloo are really rude.
also my feet, i dont know how to describe it, it looks liek im wearing shoes of bandaids.
not wearing those heals FOR A LONG TIME
i really hope i see everyone soon, it feels like ages already.
but for now im going to work....
tehy rostered me on when im on schoolies im so sick of this, why do i bother saying when i cant work ? my boss doesnt fucking listen anyway.

alright im done

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09:54am 26/11/2005
  legal legal legal  

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11:07pm 09/11/2005
mood: calm
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I always new i had hot hair
lol not so sure about the next thing ...

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10:28pm 19/10/2005
mood: drained
i hate being in moods were theres a downer put on everything, over nothing
and you know that its over nothing
but you cant help being upset
but i guess some could say that i get a bit upset over everything.
not as much as i used too
so fuck you

really excited about tomorrow night
i need a good night

im off to start a sac that was due last term

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12:47pm 16/10/2005
mood: bouncy
exam in 2 hours

6 songs
4 vocaleases
oh who gives a fuck theyll either like it or they want.

hope all is well
i watched into the woods last night
so so so SO funny

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12:12am 15/10/2005
mood: bored
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09:09pm 09/10/2005
mood: excited
Made it through to the grand final :)
So excited

The open Mic thing was on after everything. Nick and I had to continuously get our phones out to stop laughing. At one point i couldnt hold it. There were pants that should have een illegal swaying. And Mick jagger lips going crazy. My mother had to leave teh room to control herself. I know I sound mean laughing at everyone, it was really really funny though.
Hope everyones really well

Ill see you cunts when I return from camp

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09:34am 09/10/2005
mood: drained
Ms Molly Rose had a lovely night last night.
Congratulations my kirstie! as thropie would say YOUR PARTY WAS FULLY SIKKK

I think I still may be drunk ?
no literature for molly today.
but i do have to sing :|

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11:38pm 07/10/2005
mood: drunk
Tonight was a blur. I good blur. I didnt drink that much. But i was really tiered, so I found myself feeling like I had to leave.
It was on Union rd so I went and saw Ascot Vale Fish n Chippery Clan which was good! I was quite drunk when I went in there! Oh well
I bought new clothes
they are quite

I Cant stop listening to this song. Even though it makes me want to cry.
I want to go see Coldplay. Tickets are on sale soon. Pity its over 100 I so badly want to go though.
Oh well

Hope you guys are grwat

Its raining
Im going to watch The OC

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11:26pm 26/09/2005
mood: tired
If you guys can be bothered, I made it through to the semi finals in a talent contest. Its at capers melbourne. From 3 onwards. It is 10 dollars to get in though. If you can come thats great. If you cant be there, I will understand!
hope everyone is well

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03:52pm 24/09/2005
mood: angry
so my mother has deceided shes shipping my cat off to marnie.
without consulting me.
Tomorrow Rosie is leaving.
I know you guys all think Im being stupid, but I dont care.
I had Rosie as long as I remember.
Im cut

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01:24am 18/09/2005
mood: drunk
and i mean awesome

did anyone now i have mascra on my right and slightly left hand ?
cheesecake is in my fridge must eat\no hold on
i mean
the weathers nice today

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11:53pm 16/09/2005
mood: amused
My new name at work is oopsy ?
I fell over in front of teh world at highpoint today. Not just fell. In front of my work. I steppedwere someone had just mopped at collapsed with a bubble cup in one hand
everyone laughed and so did I!!

Hope everyone is well
Love to all

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09:20am 11/09/2005
mood: exhausted
I had so much fun last night!
this weekend has been fun
trial exams will not be fun
fun is what we should be having
I like having fun

By the way
Thanks to evryone that came ad watched the other night you guided me over that bridge through troubled waters
Seeyall monday
Im offf to work

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11:23am 10/09/2005
mood: crappy
No matter how random or pointless. Then, post this in your journal and see who asks you what...

Come on!!!!!!
it can be anything
within reason

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11:37pm 09/09/2005
mood: chipper
tonight was fun

it was much like a bridge over troubled waters
love yall

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